Britain Sweets Chocolate Eclair Toffees

Britain Sweets Chocolate Eclair Toffees


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Since 1982, it was our love and appreciation for sweets that have guided us to establish our confectionary brand. Traveling the globe to build our brand from the ground up, the founders have always been at their happiest when appreciating the iconic views of the United Kingdom, a country filled with such rich history memorialized by iconic landmarks. With such precious memories, the brains of Britain Sweets declared that they wanted their joyful experiences to go hand-in-hand with the tasty treats they offer. Their humble principles have become part of the core fundamentals that we stand for today at Britain Sweets.

Our luxurious treats are made in the UK with 100% Non-GMO ingredients that are peanut free, sesame free, suitable for vegetarians and celiacs, contain natural colours and flavours, and are also halal-certified. We have taken beloved, treasured sweets that we personally love and neatly packaged it with the blissful memories of the lovely landmarks during the founders travels. You Ãre not only enjoying a tasty product with Britain Sweets, but also years of delightful experiences all in sweet bite-sized treats.

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